Hello From Minneapolis

Just arrived in Minneapolis and checked into my room. Waiting for Scott Stroz, Dan Wilson and Jason Delmore to arrive and hit our tee time. Looking forward to another great CF.Objective() 2009 Conference.

If you happen to see me on the hallways, do say hi. I'm looking forward to seeing and meeting you there!

CFUnited Speaker Q&A

CFUnited folks have asked the speakers to answer some questions regarding the conference and post on our blogs, here's my response:

Topic: Leveraging Basic Object Oriented Concepts in ColdFusion - http://cfunited.com/2009/topics/295

1. Have you spoken at CFUnited in the past? What would you tell someone who hasn't been to CFUnited before?
I spoke at CFUnited 2008, and I have attended every year since the CFun days. If you have never been to CFUnited, you are missing out in one of the best chances to trully make your job better in a number of facets. You'll learn from industry experts on the latest ColdFusion and Flex/Air trends, not only this gives you the power to build better apps but makes you more marketable when looking for a new job. You'll have a chance to meet and network with a great number of people who's day to day experiences are similar to your own, this is a huge resource when you stumble on a problem or if you are also looking for talent to help in your projects. The Expo hall is a great chance to checkout what products and services are there to make your day to day life easier and help achieve your development goals.

2. Why should people attend your session(s)?
If you are not yet doing Object-Oriented programming because you keep hearing all those buzz words like Singletons, Decorators, and other Design Patterns and can't find an example using ColdFusion to help you understand what they mean, you may want to checkout my "Leveraging Basic Object Oriented and Design Patterns in ColdFusion" session. This session is built to help you break into the OO world with a basic understanding of Design Patterns and how they help solve re-occurring problems.

3. Do you have any projects in the works that you will be revealing at CFUnited?
It's too early to tell...

4. Besides your topic, what other sessions are you looking forward to?
I'm looking forward to seeing some of the Coldbox sessions, more on Flex and AIR development with ColdFusion.

5. Where can people find you at CFUnited? (At the bar, networking, working, in your room, etc.)
AboutWeb booth, sessions, bar, networking, bar, pool, golf course and yes.. the bar!

6. What's the latest news with you? Has anything changed since last CFUnited?
My wife and I are expecting our first child, boy, due July 1st! He may be making his first appearance at CFUnited this year!!!

7. When you are not working what do you like to do in your free time?
Try out new technologies and frameworks, golfing and grilling with family and friends.

The CFUnited 2009 Topics Survey is now open, you can go there and vote for your favorite topics you'd like to see presented.

I have re-submitted my topic (you can find it under the "Please choose 4 from the list of topics that cover OO" section) from last year as it was well received and attended, and I'm hoping to make this year's presentation even better, so please head on over to the survey and voice your opinion and hopefully vote for my as well. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Leveraging Basic Object Oriented Concepts and Design Patterns in ColdFusion - Phill Nacelli

This session will introduce you to the basic concepts of object oriented development along with some basic design patterns by looking at real world code examples. Today's ColdFusion developers are bombarded by complex terms such as Singletons, Facades, Data Access Objects(DAOs) and other design patterns, making it hard for the novice to understand these valuable concepts without looking at actual code. This session will demystify those terms and give you the basic knowledge needed to build a foundation into the real advantages of Object Oriented programming.

See you at MAX!

Just want to say that myself and two of my colleagues (Rolando Lopez and Jim Archy) from AboutWeb will be attending MAX North America next week.

Aside from all the great sessions I always look forward to some of the great conversations in the hallways between talks, so if you see me and want to talk shop or bounce off ideas or questions be sure to say "Hi". Hope to see you there!

CFUnited Presentations are coming, I swear..

For those of you that attended my session, my presentations are coming, I swear! I just found out that my recorded preso did not have any audio so I'm planning on recording another one soon and I'll be sure to add some of the stuff that we didn't have time to cover during the preso.

If you have any questions or comments or anything else you'd like to see, please feel free to post on this entry and I'll get back to you soon.


CFUnited 2008 - Pick your favorite Sci-Fi Movie!

My company AboutWeb is again sponsoring the community pit at this year's CFUnited. Every year we look at coming up with something new to make your experience more enjoyable. This year, to go with the Green/Sci-Fi theme of the conference, we are going to be having a movie theater showing the greatest Sci-Fi movies, ever!

How do we know that they are the greatest ever, you ask? Because you get to tell us what you want to watch!!! That's right, we are running a poll to get your opinion on what movies will make the cut. To vote for your favorite movie, please go the following link:


As promised, here are the slides and code examples for my CF.Objective() 2008 presentation. Feel free to post any comments or questions and I'll get to them asap.

As I mentioned after the presentation, I'm also going to be putting together an intermediate version of this talk covering more complex patterns. Also, I have been told that CF.Objective() 2009 will be tentatively scheduled for May 6-9. So now you have plenty of time to begin schmoozing your bosses to let you go. I have to say that this is THE conference for learning the high level skills needed to build enterprise level applications in ColdFusion.

Here's the link to download the presentation and code examples:


CF.Objective() - Done Presenting

I'm done with my presentations on "Leveraging Basic Design Patterns in ColdFusion" talk at CF.Objective(). For those of you who attended, thank you very much for coming! I hope you have learned something useful that will help make your day to day coding better, and I'd love to hear from you on any feedback. I will be posting my slides and code examples as soon as I return home to Maryland. Also, I am thinking about making an extension to this intro talk with an intermediate session covering more patterns, let me know if you are interested in that as well.

I'd like to also thank our great hosts Jared Rypka-Hauer, Steven Hauer and Jim Louis for a great conference experience, both as a speaker and as an attendee. I'm looking forward to CF.Objective() 2009!

Presenting at CFUnited 2008.

I just received confirmation that I will be giving two presentations at CFUnited 2008.

The first is "Integrated ColdFusion Development Environment" which will cover the use of CFEclipse along with version control (using Subversion) and automated build scripts (using ANT) to help organize, maintain and simplify you and your development team's day to day tasks.

The second is "Leveraging Basic Object-Oriented Concepts in ColdFusion". This presentation's focus is to give the basic knowledge necessary to those programmers wanting to venture into using object oriented programming techniques in ColdFusion. If you have been waiting to make the move into OO, but were not sure where to start, this is the presentation for you.

Also, don't forget that Early Bird Registration prices end this Friday, November 30th!

For a more detailed summary about both topics:

Integrated ColdFusion Development Environment

Leveraging Basic Object Oriented Concepts in ColdFusion

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