Model-Glue Gets Flex Integration Features

Just a quick note for those of you that like me are hooked on "The Glue". Model-Glue that is!

Joe Rinehart has added a nice feature for integrating MG with Flex without having to refactor your controllers into service layers. For more information and detailed explanation on how to take advantage of this new feature checkout the Model-Glue Blog at Model-Glue: New Flex Integration Features.

Model-Glue Gets New Release and New Site to Go With It!

I'm very glad to announce that Joe Rinehart has just officially released version 2.0 (codenamed Unity) version of Model-Glue! Joe also released Model-Glue: Flex, a "conceptual port of Model-Glue implicit invocation framework to ActionScript 3 and Flex".

And to top it all off both offerings are available on a brand spanking new shiny website, so head on over to and get your copies now!

Congratulations to Joe on yet another major milestone, the glue just keeps getting better and better and we appreciate all the effort that goes with it.

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