Please help one of our own - Joe & Dale Rinehart

I'm sure by now many of you have heard of, or had the pleasure of personally meeting Joe Rinehart, one of our own community's most selfless and dedicated individuals. And by now you may have heard about his wife Dale's recent diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I'm very fortunate to know Joe and have met his wife Dale at past conferences and I have to say they are both incredible people. Also, like many of you, I have benefited from his work with Model-Glue and his knowledge which he is always willing to share either via his always great presentations at conferences or on an individual basis. Regardless of the circumstances, Joe is always there willing to help or contribute with enthusiasm.

It's well known that Multiple Sclerosis treatment costs are very expensive. Regardless if the patient has adequate medical insurance coverage they still have many out-of-pocket expenses. This is where you, the ColdFusion community comes in. We are asking everyone who can, to please visit and help us say thanks to all his efforts while supporting them.

Thank you.

Model-Glue Gets Flex Integration Features

Just a quick note for those of you that like me are hooked on "The Glue". Model-Glue that is!

Joe Rinehart has added a nice feature for integrating MG with Flex without having to refactor your controllers into service layers. For more information and detailed explanation on how to take advantage of this new feature checkout the Model-Glue Blog at Model-Glue: New Flex Integration Features.

Model-Glue Gets New Release and New Site to Go With It!

I'm very glad to announce that Joe Rinehart has just officially released version 2.0 (codenamed Unity) version of Model-Glue! Joe also released Model-Glue: Flex, a "conceptual port of Model-Glue implicit invocation framework to ActionScript 3 and Flex".

And to top it all off both offerings are available on a brand spanking new shiny website, so head on over to and get your copies now!

Congratulations to Joe on yet another major milestone, the glue just keeps getting better and better and we appreciate all the effort that goes with it.

Model-Glue 2.0 Unity - Public Beta 1 Released

That's right! Model-Glue has been released as a Public Beta 1!!! Joe has packed some really nice features to it making this a very powerful release. Go check it out on and also be on the lookout for Joe's presentation on Adobe Developer's Week showcasing a set of the new features.

Joe Rinehart does it again!!! Model-Glue Unity video demo.

That's right, Mr. Model-Glue has done it again!!! For those of you that have yet to jump in the MG bandwagon here's another great reason why you should! Joe Rinehart has released a great video preso on building a blog application from the ground up using Model-Glue's new release code named Unity.

Click here to access the video

Model-Glue & Reactor sites are temporarily down

Just passing along the news that Model-Glue and the Reactor sites are currently down. Joe Rinehart is aware and is working on the issue. The other sites related to this outage are:

UPDATE (6/2/2006): The sites are back up.

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