Welcome Michael Marins Nacelli

I'm very proud to announce that this past Monday, June 22, 2009 at 2:23pm my beautiful wife Amy gave birth to our son Michael Marins Nacelli. Baby was born weighting 6 lbs 12 ozs, 19.5 inches long. Both Mom and Baby are doing great and we can't wait to take him home soon.

Please help one of our own - Joe & Dale Rinehart

I'm sure by now many of you have heard of, or had the pleasure of personally meeting Joe Rinehart, one of our own community's most selfless and dedicated individuals. And by now you may have heard about his wife Dale's recent diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I'm very fortunate to know Joe and have met his wife Dale at past conferences and I have to say they are both incredible people. Also, like many of you, I have benefited from his work with Model-Glue and his knowledge which he is always willing to share either via his always great presentations at conferences or on an individual basis. Regardless of the circumstances, Joe is always there willing to help or contribute with enthusiasm.

It's well known that Multiple Sclerosis treatment costs are very expensive. Regardless if the patient has adequate medical insurance coverage they still have many out-of-pocket expenses. This is where you, the ColdFusion community comes in. We are asking everyone who can, to please visit http://www.helpsupportjoeanddale.com/ and help us say thanks to all his efforts while supporting them.

Thank you.

Nacelli Pre-Release - Codenamed Boy!

I'm proud to announce that towards the end of June my wife is due to give birth to our first child! Yesterday we went in for our monthly consult we learned that we are having a boy!

Finally... I'm on Twitter.

So I finally decided to really invest some time into checking out Twitter and I decided to take the plunge (ok.. some of you have convinced me I was behind the times.. you know who you are!!!). So now you can see what I'm up to, but be warned, you may find yourself being bored!!!


Happy Fourth of July!

This is my first Fourth of July since I became a citizen of this great nation, and I wanted to just pass on a word to my fellow Americans to have a great holiday doing what we do best, being Americans!

Whether you find yourself grilling on your back yard with family or friends, or going to see a fireworks display, be sure to stop for a moment and reflect what today is all about and to recognize and give thanks to those who made this country great before us.

Also, special thanks to the brave men and women in our armed forces serving in harm's way.

Happy Fourth of July!

More Changes - Phill 2.0

I'm proud to announce that after Phill 1.0 was upgraded to Phill 1.5 (codenamed ResidentAlien) back in 1989 we have finally moved to Phill 2.0 (codenamed AmericanCitizen)!!!

My oath ceremony took place yesterday at 11:00 am in Baltimore, MD. Thanks for my family and three great friends (Nic Tunney, Scott Stroz, and Simon Horwith) for coming out and being in my cheering section (literally!!!)

Exciting Changes

I'm happy to announce that I have recently joined the great folks at AboutWeb as a Software Architect. I have had the pleasure of working with Nic Tunney, Jim Collins, Simon Horwith, Kelly Brown and Scott Stroz on different occasions in the past and I'm very excited that we are all now under the same roof. I'm also going to be working with great developers like Chris Turner, Javier Julio, and Jon Rowny.

This recent move will allow me to be even more involved in the community while at the same time being able to keep creating great software as a testament of the power of ColdFusion and other Adobe Technologies like FLEX.

Correction (good catch Kelly):

I have mistakenly forgotten someone who I have also enjoyed and had the honor to working with in the past and look forward to working with in the future, that's Jim Collins (my apologies buddy).

Checkout his blog at http://cfsynergy.com/cfsynergy/blogger.cfm

Joe Rinehart gets bootie - Indi's cute pink booties that is!

Just wanted to let you all know that Indi, Joe Rinehart's dog, has a new cute pink bootie... I hope someday, when I have a dog, I can get it some pink booties too... thanks Joe.. and Congratulations Indi!

For more bootie info checkout his blog here

Brasil 1 - 0 Croatia...

Normally you won't see me post personal and non-technical entries on this blog... but as some of you know, I am originally from Brasil and when it comes to the World Cup Soccer Tournament I get very passionate about it.

Today Brasil played their first round one game against Croatia, final score... 1-0 Brasil. I wish I had seen more goals but hey, a victory is a victory, and I hope this is just them warming up.

If you work in the Rockville, MD area and you are a big Brasil soccer fan let me know.. I'll be watching most weekday games at the Brazillian BBQ place called Greenfields (off Rockville Pike).

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